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Hey all, I just found switched at birth and watched every episode in two days. it is amazing. Now I am blowing through the fanfiction trying to get my fix to tied me over until the next episode.  I have a real hankering for a fanfiction about John and daphne bonding.

Most of the fics are EBay or general, that I can find. Can anyone point me in the direction of some light fluffy bonding fictions? I always feel that in the show John and daphne have failed to make a connection and bond. They shoot hoops together, John coaches Daphne, he yells at her about what he thinks is safe, and then there was the horribly shallow food van episode where John hovered and went along with what daphne wanted. There are all these daphne/john moments in the show but there is never any physical closeness, no emotions, just cheesy shallow gestures and then john going into Alpha male mode and laying down the protective law. There is never any real heart to heart bonding or any emotion. I would really love a fluffy bonding fiction between daphne and john or even kathryn or Toby.

Can anyone point me towards the father daughter bonding? many thanks.

133 Multi-Fandom Icons


So after seeing the new Photoshoot for Season 9 of Grey's Anatomy I just couldn't resist doing a few icons from those pretty pictures. Not from all of them, but from my favourite characters... it's mostly 1 picture from every person in different styles, but I hope, you'll find something you like :-)
There are also a couple of icons from my new "Switched at birth" OTP and a few from "Common Law"...


All 133 icons over at my graphic journal bmshipper_arts

Fic: Bird of Another Color

Title:Bird of Another Color
Fandom:Supernatural & Switched at Birth
Summary: Deaf!Dean Verse Meta. A letter was sent to Dean by a nine year old deaf girl in Kansas City who was doing a project on heroes. Sadly, the letter got lost in a lot of shuffling and wasn't found until recently. Dean figured that the girl, Daphne Vazquez deserved some answers to her questions.

Bird of Another Color

Season 2

I don't know if anyone else here follows Katie Leclerc on Twitter, but after being asked, she replied that Season 2 will premiere on September 3. (Labor Day in the US)


54 icons:

1-16 {Teen Wolf}
17-24 {Sherlock}
25-31 {Switched at Birth}
32-35 {Revenge}
*36-54 {Misc: Beastly, Haven, Easy A, Legend of the Seeker, Never Let Me Go, Fringe, Teen Wolf, White Collar, Once Upon A Time, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Lost, Pretty Little Liars, Red Riding Hood}

*Comments are love!♥
*Credit is required!
*No Hotlinking!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

the rest hereantonia757

Wanted You More (emmett/daphne)

so i've done toby/emmett friendship but this is my first emmett/daphne video. i absolutely adore them (please no bashing!). and this was the closest song for recent events. switches between both POVs. hope ya'll enjoy!

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